html> Ian Walker: The Gravedigger's Tango


A little boy ventures into the Underworld to save his mother, while above the surface a battle rages over the fate of a patch of genetically modified corn... and perhaps the world. At their center is a drowned town whose emergence seems to unite the world of the dead and the living. In this comic-drama, 8 year old Timmy travels into the Underworld to rescue his mother. The shrunken giant who befriends him, however, may be more trouble than he's worth, summoning the fearsome wrath of Dragons. Meanwhile, a thousand leagues above them, a feisty environmental group and a multinational corporation fight over the ownership of a patch of genetically modified corn threatening the environment. But as time runs out, we learn that not all of their loyalties are as pure as they seem. The Lullaby Tree enters into the debate over genetically modified organisms on our grocery shelves and the dangers they present to our environment.