Winner of the 2005 Bay One Act prize for BEST PLAY, The Stone Trilogy presents three interrelated one-acts that portray the face of love, forgiveness, and oppression in three countries: Ireland, South Africa, and the United States. In Erin's Hope, a dark stranger approaches the True IRA with an offer to media spin their cause to the American public. The risks involved pit father against daughter, brother against brother, and young love against the forces of history. Set after the fall of Apartheid, a young black South African and a young female archeologist discover a cave filled with ancient African paintings in The History of Stone, the second play in the trilogy. The appearance of a white South African at their site creates an explosive atmosphere reminiscent of Sartre's No Exit. And finally, An Accident of Identity examines the accessibility of medicine in the United States, and the subtle dynamics of economics, race, and sexual orientation. Together, the plays present an emotional journey through the difficult landscape of forgiveness.

"A riveting, emotional journey," writes The San Francisco Bay View,"stunning and much more." This play utilizes three male actors (25-50), two women (25-40); multiple related sets.

Performance History:

[Mar, 2001] Second Wind Productions (San Francisco) Erin's Hope [Part One]

[Jun, 2002] Second Wind Productions (San Francisco) World Premiere [Trilogy]

[Aug, 2002] Second Wind Productions (Santa Rosa, CA) [Trilogy]

[Feb, 2005] Three Wise Monkeys (California) The History of Stone [Part Two]

[May, 2005] Three Wise Monkeys (CA) History of Stone [Part Two]

[Sep, 2005] 3 Wise Monkeys, 2nd Wind, Idle Hands (CA) [Trilogy]

Format: A full length play in three acts (one intermission); total playing time 165 minutes

These plays can be presented individually or as a group.

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